The Mapmakers (Cordelia Hatmaker#2)

Title: The Mapmakers (Cordelia Hatmaker#2) Writer: Tamzin Merchant Publishing House: Puffin Date of Publication: February 17th 2022 Rating: 5 stars ‘’Our hats are a bit like books,’’ Cordelia began. ‘’They contain magic, but it’s up to the person reading the book to bring the magic to life. Without the reader, the magic just sits there….

The Hatmakers

Title: The Hatmakers Writer: Tamzin Merchant, illustrated by Paola Escobar Publishing House: Norton Young Readers Date of Publication: January 7th 2021 Rating: 5 stars ‘’It was a wild and lightning-struck night. The kind of night that changes everything. Jagged forks of light ripped across the sky and thunder rolled in tidal waves over the rooftops…