The Sunlight Pilgrims

Title: The Sunlight Pilgrims Writer: Jenni Fagan Publishing House: William Heinemann Date of Publication: March 24th 2016 Rating: 5 stars ‘’There are three suns in the sky and it is the last day of autumn- perhaps for ever.’’ Since Dystopian Fiction is one of my favourite genres, The Sunlight Pilgrims had been on my list for quite some time….

The City Where We Once Lived

Title: The City Where We Once Lived  Writer: Eric Barnes Publishing House: Arcade Publishing Date of Publication: March 6th 2018 Rating: 5 stars ‘’Sometimes, at night, I would light houses on fire. But noone particularly cared.’’ I thoroughly enjoy the power that Dystopian Fiction has acquired of late. The vast majority of the books under this category are exemplary and…