I am a book reviewer posting in Goodreads, NetGalley and Edelweiss

*Due to an increased number of authors who ask for reviews, I must state that I have absolutely NO INTEREST in reading books that do not apply in the following genres, therefore, don’t waste my time or yours. In addition, books with political or religious themes are also forbidden territory.*

I am currently accepting the following genres:

Historical Fiction

Contemporary Fiction

Speculative Fiction

Gothic Fiction




General Fiction


Literary Fiction

Women’s Fiction

Paranormal/Spiritual Non-Fiction

Short Stories

*I do not review Romance/ Erotica/ YA /Sci-Fi and I do not review any books written by Greek writers.

*Please, if you are a writer, don’t contact me with your ”lovely Sci-Fi/YA/Erotica book that will absolutely blow my mind.” You will receive an extremely rude answer. If you don’t respect me as a reader, I won’t respect you as a writer. Furthermore, don’t tell me you checked my blog just to convince me. I’m not convinced and most certainly I’m not stupid…

I accept ARCs, e-books, finished copies, but no audiobooks.

My opinions are always honest, whether right or wrong, whether positive or negative. If you cannot handle a negative review, kindly close the door as you leave…