I have been working as an English teacher for nearly 13 years. My interests include Reading, Theatre, Hiking, Travelling, Nordic cinema, Symphonic Metal, Opera. My reviews are written exclusively in English.

Reading, Theatre, Hiking, Travelling, Nordic cinema, Symphonic Metal, Opera, Basketball
Favourite Genres
Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Folklore, Scandinavian/Nordic Literature, Historical Mystery, Theatre, History, Sociology
(The DISCLAIMER below is strictly aimed at ten people who were urged to harass me by someone who hasn’t even grasped the basic principles of language and context yet.)
DISCLAIMER (Since I’ve noticed that some of the politically correct trolls are very interested in the ABOUT section)
First of all, congratulations! Let us get you a bit educated since you’re obviously lacking in that factor.
I don’t worship political correctness and I always voice my opinion regardless of what people believe. If you so much as attempt to contact me with vile comments or e-mails, I will pursue legal action against you for cyberbullying, harassment and victimization. And to the trolls that may still be lurking here, a) Congratulations, my blog is the only quality read you’ll have ever completed in your lives, b) my ”white tears” (…a term that is racist to the bone but it was uttered by a PoC man so it is perfectly valid….) are beautiful, unlike your brain, and c) I will scream at  the top of my lungs. Don’t waive the race/religion flag with me, it won’t work. I am ”ignorant” and ”garbage”, so shove it and get out! 
I never believed in reverse racism. In fact, I thought it was a disgusting, unacceptable term. Now? I am not so sure…
From now on, I am going to send you every review I write to proofread it and verify that it doesn’t hurt your fragile feelings. But you ”don’t value my opinion” (not that you have anything to do with books whatsoever but let’s accept it for the sake of the argument…)
The word ”exotic” is differently used in my language. Therefore, I will use it in the proper context (obviously not referring to a person). Learn that different words carry different connotations in different languages…
Oh sorry, I forgot…It needs a brain to do that…Well, never mind…
In short, I have never met more disgusting creatures than the array of 4-10 who had enough time in their hands to bother me. Do something else with your hands. Like open a book and read it, perhaps.
Trust me. I am worse than the Devil and all his legions if you so much as look at me, so you have been warned…