Ghosts of Christmas Past

Title: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Writer: Various edited by Tim Martin

Publishing House: John Murray

Date of Publication: October 19th 2017

Rating: 5 stars

”And what a long night it is, out there beyond the warm rooms and the firelight. Don’t worry about the noises. Ignore the moving shapes. It’s time to step out. Turn the page. Oh, and happy Christmas. If you come back.”
Tim Martin

Α grotesque dream is merged with reality. The spirit of an abusive husband refuses to leave his wife in peace even in death. A shadow seeks revenge. A tragedy haunts the son of a happy family. The injustice done to a poor family creates the ghostly steps of the Erinyes in a tale of which Dickens would be proud. A strange man appears in an elevator and is seen only by a young boy. A famous actress initiates a peculiar game of fate. A ghostly young man becomes a faithful companion to a girl.

These and other stories are included in this collection of eerie, melancholic tales. From Muriel Spark to Robert Aickman, from Louis de Bernieres to Jenn Ashworth, this volume is compulsory reading for those eerie, silent winter nights.

Beautiful Introduction by Tim Martin.