Checkmate to Murder

Title: Checkmate to Murder

Writer: E.C.R.Lorac

Publishing House: British Library Crime Classics

Date of Publication: August 10th 2020 (first published 1944)

Rating: 5 stars

As London descends into the familiar darkness of war, a man of questionable morality is murdered. The fog cannot hide the frightened young man who is arrested for the murder of his uncle by the somewhat naive and hideous Special Constable Verraby. Five people who form an interesting bohemian company seem to be the only ones who can help shed some light on a case that hides more than meets the eye.

Inspector Robert Macdonald is the protagonist of this wonderful mystery, constructed like an elaborate game of chess. In 24 hours, the movements of the players/witnesses will reveal the answer to a crime of ambition, obsession and hellish choices, in a time when life was under threat every minute of every day. Apart from the exciting mystery, E.C.R.Lorac provides an excellent commentary on the idea of ”easy” money as a solution to all problems and the family dramas unfolding during the darkest period in human History.

One of my favourite mysteries in our beloved series, beautifully introduced by Martin Edwards.