The Dovekeepers

Title: The Dovekeepers

Writer: Alice Hoffman

Publishing House: Simon and Schuster

Date of Publication: October 4th 2011

Rating: 5 stars

”We came like doves across the desert. In a time when there was nothing but death, we were grateful for anything, and most grateful of all when we awoke to another day.”

Yael. A woman cursed by her father, a woman who stands tall against demons and mortals, and one of the finest characters you’ll ever encounter.

Shirah. A healer. A witch. A woman who defies everyone and everything for the sake of her love.

Revka. The mother who nurtures and protects. The mother who avenges the unspeakable tragedy that has befallen her family.

Aziza. The lover. The warrior. The faithful sister.

Masada. The eternal symbol of defiance, strength, bravery and sacrifice. The land that reminds us that slavery cannot agree with a human’s existence. That Death can be a fine companion…

One of the most moving, unique, extraordinary novels ever written. A hymn to all that makes us human.

”Let us make haste. Let us avoid the evils of mankind. We prefer death before these miseries. Let us go out of the world with our wives and children in freedom.
  ”Let our story bear witness that we perished out of choice, a choice we made at the beginning, to choose death rather than slavery.”