Tales of the Mist

Title: Tales of the Mist (original title: Los Cuentos de la Niebla)

Writer: Laura Suárez

Publishing House: Europe Comics

Date of Publication: May 20th 2020 (first published April 5th 2019)

Rating: 5 stars

”When I looked through the window the wind blew through the trees, their shadows spreading far. Souls would appear, trembling and searching, for me.”

A brilliant graphic novel that consists of four chapters narrating stories haunted by four eerie figures of Spanish Folklore. Spanish lore is full of mysterious, uncanny customs, entities and traditions and Tales of the Mist communicates the haunting tone of the legends through minimal, yet highly effective dialogue. Set in Galicia, you’ll walk through dark paths of crows, naked trees, and dangerous spectres while your way is lit by Grandma’s love and wisdom…

”But how can we be so foolish as to believe that everything we can’t comprehend isn’t real?”

The Santa Compana
The Meigas
The Meigallo
The Vidoiro

Perfectly illustrated to make your blood run cold and have you look behind your shoulder a few (too many…) times, Laura Suárez has created a volume that is a mandatory addition to your collection if you love myths and folklore. 

”On lonely paths I wander which only the wounded treat, aimless their souls tormented, the long processions of the Dead.”

Many thanks to Europe Comics for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.