The Mapmakers (Cordelia Hatmaker#2)

Title: The Mapmakers (Cordelia Hatmaker#2)

Writer: Tamzin Merchant

Publishing House: Puffin

Date of Publication: February 17th 2022

Rating: 5 stars

‘’Our hats are a bit like books,’’ Cordelia began. ‘’They contain magic, but it’s up to the person reading the book to bring the magic to life. Without the reader, the magic just sits there. Same as a hat.’’

Cordelia and her friends are fighting against time and a ruthless enemy to stop the destruction of all magic places as ashes throttle London’s skies. Meanwhile, the enmity among the Makers threatens the girl’s plans to overcome pure Evil. And let us not forget that Prospero is still missing, presumed dead.

Let me tell you why the second volume of Cordelia’s exciting adventures created by the wonderful Tamzin Merchant is an enchanting perfection…

‘’Cordelia Hatmaker was following a star. The North Star hung above the dark jostle of night-time London – just out of reach but never out of sight. Even the smudges of smoke rising from the city’s chimneys could not dim Polaris’s brightness.’’

‘’As if on cue in a Drury Lane drama, chimes sounded beneath their feet. From way up in the air, they heard all the voices of London’s bells, ringing deep and silvery across the city.’’

London is the perfect setting for a perfect story. The capital with its unique atmosphere becomes a character that both guides and confuses. Father Thames, Drury Lane, Guildhall, Blackfriars Bridge. The haunting ringing of the bells, the grey sky, the alleys, every odour and sound, every dark corner, every street. Along with beautiful references to Britain’s vast lore and legends, from Stonehenge to the Arthurian cycle, we follow Cordelia on an exciting journey within the heart of a glorious, mystical tradition. 

‘’Magic brings joy – but it goes deeper than that, deeper than clothes. It goes right to our souls. It’s what we’re made of.’’

‘’Because Makers have the power to create. Witloof only has the power to destroy.’’

Cordelia’s story is a song dedicated to friendship, companionship, courage, an ode to the power we all have to create and evolve. And yet, all we do is destroy the gifts we have been given since times immemorial. All we care about is how to be ‘’powerful’’, how to control, how to deny what we cannot understand, how to mould what does not conform to our idea of how things SHOULD be. Cordelia, her family and her friends show how strong we can be when we are united, how we can overcome the hurdles while staying true to ourselves. And this is the most significant message we can communicate to the young members of our society. 

Books like this one make our world a better, brighter place. They bring back the magic we all need, they restore our determination, our persistence and, ultimately, our conviction that Evil does not win in the end…

And! I can’t wait for Volume 3!

‘’We’re never really lost when we can see the stars in front of our eyes.’’