Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

Title: Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

Writer: Edited by Angela Carter, illustrated by Corinna Sargood

Publishing House: Virago

Date of Publication:  January 1st 2005 (first published 1992)

Rating: 5 stars

‘’Little lady, little lady’’, said the boys, ‘’little Alexandra,

listen to the watch, tick tick tick: mother in the room all

decked in gold.’’

When Life is anything but a fairytale, Folklore is there to help you escape. This outstanding collection created by the inimitable Angela Carter is THE volume to grace every reader’s bookcase. A plethora of tales from every corner of our world centred around female protagonists that represent all the beautiful and evil aspects of the human soul. Brave women, resourceful girls, virtuous maidens, witches, troubled matriarchs, strong minds and cunning tricks, women delving into black arts, mothers, wives, daughters, morality tales and cautionary myths. 

My absolute favourites in this be – all and end – all volume for every fairytale aficionado are:

The Search for Luck (Greek)

Mr Fox (English)

Kakuarshuk (Innuit)

The Promise (Burmese)

Blubber Boy (Innuit)

Vasilisa the Priest’s Daughter (Russian)

The Three Measures of Salt (Greek)

Now I Should Laugh, If IWere Not Dead (Icelandic)

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle (English)

Tom Tit Tot (English)

East O’The Sun and West O’The Moon (Norwegian)

The Armless Maiden (Russian)

The Girl Who Banoshed Seven Youths (Moroccan)

The Woman Who Married Her Son’s Wife (Innuit)

The Juniper Tree (German)

Nourie Hadig (Armenian)

Nature’s Ways (Armenian)

The Twelve Wild Ducks (Norwegian)

Vasilissa the Fair (Russian)

Diirawic and Her Incestuous Brother (Sudan: Dinka)