Antrim Folk Tales


Title: Antrim Folk Tales

Writer: Billy Teare & Kathleen O’Sullivan

Publishing House: The History Press Ireland

Date of Publication:  February 1st 2014

Rating: 5 stars

”Folk tales are not defined by scholars and students of folklore. They are, very simply, the stories that people choose to tell, remember and retell time and again and they come in all forms, shapes and sizes, but collectively express not only who we are, but also why, what and how we are.”

In County Antrim, home to the city of Belfast, we find the beauty and unique character of Northern Ireland in a nutshell. Cows are easily bewitched, puffins stand witnesses as enchanted islands appear every seven years. Witches, banshees, vengeful spirits, haunted books, men who are twice hanged and three times buried. 

Out of the otherwordly beauty of the Dark Hedges and the foreboding landscape of the Giant’s Causeway, from the mountains to the coastline, the Children of Lir, Deirdre of the Sorrows, Fionn, Tuiren, Lugaidh, Oisin, Grainne and Diarmuid are waiting to tell you their stories of love, valour, strength, treachery and magic.

‘’We are world travellers and what we all carry with us, as we travel, is our identity – our history, our way of speaking, our way of socialising, even our way of walking into a room and introducing ourselves to strangers. And as we do so we exchange our stories and take new ones back home with us.’’