The Hotel: Ghost Stories with a Feminist Twist

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Title: The Hotel

Writer: Daisy Johnson

Publishing House: BBC Audio

Date of Publication: May 27th 2021

Rating: 5 stars

‘’There were 63 jars here and this is the room of 63 fears, all clamoring, all so loud. It is the room I will come back to and, perhaps, this room leads only into the ground.’’

A hotel in the Fens hides a mysterious past. A dark and bloody past. Voices echo, shadows walk, the water whispers. the guests of the Hotel come face-to-face with their fears, the sins of the past, the nightmares and regrets that come back to haunt us. Room 63 hides terror. Room 63 hides dread. Room 63 hides despair. Room 63 hides the core of our existence.

‘’I’ve never been to the Fens before. I’m surprised by the colour of the earth which looks as if darkness itself has slipped from the sky and filled the ground.’’

Daisy Johnson creates another masterpiece that requires our absolute attention. An experience that enters your soul as you try to decode and understand. The Fens. The water. The very essence of an unforgetting and unforgiving nature. The women of our stories give voice to all of us, our agonies and mistakes, the Injustice and the Retribution. The women return again and again, clutched in the foundations of the Hotel. A woman is punished as a witch by fanatics. Another woman narrates the unwillingness of the ground to accept the building of the Hotel. A young girl explores its grounds to strange repercussions that will follow her for years to come during eerie night shifts. A guest at the wedding of her best friend cannot let go of the past and a businesswoman finds out that her career isn’t enough to drive the darkness away. Rather, it conceals it, sustains it even. Memories of families gone astray, eerie games brought upon by images perceived through our peripheral vision, shadows hiding, reflections in mirrors and windows. And the water stands witness as the women return. As the voices and silhouettes return. Everything returns…

Daisy Johnson leaves us speechless once again…

‘’I’ll see you soon.’’