Stories for Christmas


Title: Stories for Christmas

Writer: Various, illustrated by Bernadette Watts

Publishing House: NorthSouth Books

Date of Publication: September 14th 2021

Rating: 5 stars

‘’High in the sky, higher than you could ever see, the snowflakes gathered. They came together in huge crowds, whispering all the time about the journey they would soon make to earth.

 Each snowflake had a different dream to tell. And now the snow-clouds stretched from horizon to horizon! The snowflakes were poised like dancers, ready to fly through the air.’’

A little snowflake longs to know the world. A poor boy wants to visit the Holy Child but has nothing to offer him except his drum. A shoemaker is waiting for a visit from Jesus and sees Him in the faces of the ones in need. An old woman living in the heart of a Russian forest offers shelter to desperate souls that want to escape from the clutches of war. A young girl gives everything to lighten the burden of the poor. A young woman risks all to save her beloved friend. A donkey crosses the land to witness the miracle of a new king. A mother finds shelter to bring forth the Messiah.

In eight beautiful, moving tales, Bernadette Watts pays homage to the glory and miracle of Christmas. Even though we have bid farewell to this year’s Christmas, Tolstoy, Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and Russian legends will keep your hearts warm until we meet them again in December 2022. 

Many thanks to NorthSouth Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.