Ghoulia (Mortina #1)


Title: Ghoulia (original title: Una storia che ti farà morire dal ridere)

Writer: Barbara Cantini (translated by Anna Golding)

Publishing House: Harry N. Abrams

Date of Publication: August 28th 2018  (first published October 17th 2017)

Rating: 5 stars

Mortina is a very special girl. She is a brilliant, lovely zombie girl who lives in a super-Gothic manor with her super impressive Aunt, her dog and a couple of super dead relatives. Exciting, right? But Mortina isn’t so excited. She longs for friends and the company of children. However, she is ‘’different’’ and the humans won’t understand. Thus says Auntie Departed and Mortina has to remain inside the manor. When Halloween comes, our heroine has the chance to escape and join the Trick – o – treating, hoping that she will finally make friends. And she does, but what will happen when the children realize that she is not an ordinary girl?

Barbara Cantini has created a beautiful book for children and adults. Vivid illustrations, memorable characters, spirited writing. But what matters the most is the message she conveys. Mortina’s story is a tender reminder that children have the unique power to ignore every prejudice inflicted on them by our brainless society. They know all about acceptance, understanding and friendship. And if one of them falters and starts behaving like a mindless adult, then we should look ourselves into the mirror because the fault will be ours and ours alone. 

This Halloween, do yourselves and your children’s a favour and give them this gem as a gift.