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Title: Windows

Writer: Julia Denos, illustrated by E.B.Goodale

Publishing House: Candlewick Press

Date of Publication: October 17th 2017

Rating: 5 stars

‘’At the end of the day, before the town goes to sleep,

you can look out of your window and see more little windows lit up like eyes in the dusk

blinking away as the lights turn on inside

a neighbourhood of paper lanterns.’’

Kids Create: A Window of Creativity | Brooklyn Public Library

Most of my classes finish around 7 in the evening. Night slowly makes her mysterious presence known and through the train windows, you can see the houses coming to life as the orange lights call for you to look, to spy. (No mobile phone for me while commuting, thank you very much!) And I obey. I look for that unusual painting, or lamp, or a vividly-painted wall, or a bookcase full of books. But what attracts my attention is the life that can be contained within the walls of a house. The love, the hopes, the fears, the dreams. I’ve always been fascinated by dusk and the time when the windows lit up. My strolls in the neighbourhood always take place during the blue hour. Even though the houses are the same, the windows are the same, the people are the same, each time feels like an exciting discovery and the warmth in my heart never fades.

Back end page of Windows by Julia Denos, illustrated by E.B. Goodale |  Happy images, Rooftop, House styles

In this beautiful book, we take a walk in a serene yet lively neighbourhood, guided by a boy and his dog. During a quiet, autumnal evening, our stroll becomes a journey of understanding what it means to belong to a community. The fairy lights on the porch, children returning home, a dance school, an impromptu party in a basement, shops closing, friends reuniting, couples sharing the burden of the day, hugs, laughter, the perfume of a dinner that has just been prepared, the humming of the TV or the radio, the moon that appears to remind us that the time to rest has come. Tomorrow, we start again. For now, the soft caramel lights are waiting to ease our weary minds…

Caldecott Medal Contender: Windows | Wonders in the Dark

This lovely gem, created by Julia Denos and E.B.Goodale will make you grab your shoes and take a soothing walk. And I promise you, you will see everything in a new light.

‘’Then you arrive home again,

and you look at your window from the outside.

Someone you love is waving at you,

and you can’t wait to go in.

So you do.’’