Lillian on Sunday

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Title: Lillian On Sunday

Writer: Lionel Walfish

Publishing House: FriesenPress

Date of Publication: July 30th 2021

Rating: 5 stars

“October in Blenheim, Massachusetts brought with it, along with swirls of golden wind-blown leaves, a sense of eerie anticipation. A new academic year; teachers, new and old, freshman faces, and of course, the hazing. The town folks had long grown accustomed to this yearly tradition. Older gentry frowned, but put up with the rowdy shenanigans and pranks. Some made sure that their doors were locked, shades drawn and lights turned down.”

Dubious deeds, ghost cats and ghosts of the residents of the past. Snapshots of life, moments experienced by people who are in doubt or utterly lost. Light, dark, mysterious, entertaining. Tender and memorable.

Stories for the last days of summer in preparation for the autumnal quiet. And what a beautiful cover! It brings images of summer, contemplation, serenity and sadness to mind.

These are a few of my favourite moments in the collection.

Lillian On Sunday: On a scorching August day in Montreal, a woman invites a man she just met to her home. As she tries to fight against an overwhelming feeling of loneliness, a strange surprise makes her show her true colours. People like her deserve all the loneliness in the world… 

Everything: A boy that is in a terrible hurry to grow up finds himself in an extremely awkward position. 

Mandelbrot: A special recipe creates havoc in Brooklyn Park. 

A Perfect Day: The serene, quiet autumnal feeling of this story makes the ending even more shocking. 

A Massachusetts Tale: A college boy has to “visit” Blenheim cemetery as part of an initiation ritual. But the dead should never be disturbed, especially when there are witches involved… Very autumnal, atmospheric and I must say that the ending left me speechless. 

W. S. C. : A teacher that doesn’t deserve to be called thus meets his fate.

Don’t Ask: A very mysterious story that deals with a contemporary view on the legend of the Changeling.

Something Missing: A gentle story about the bond between twins.

Pretty Things: A woman reminisces about the days when she used to earn a living by practically prostituting herself. A story set in Paris during the two world wars.

Lepidoptera: Sometimes, it is better not to meddle with people. Being a Good Samaritan always comes with a price…

The Simple Truth: A spirited elderly lady walking down the ends of the path of life wants to be left alone.

Muriel and the Good Eats: A food critic who has found herself on the unemployed list conjures a clever plan to savour the finest cuisines in the world. An elegant story that reads as a metaphor for our need to feel in contact with our job, to feel active and alive. I absolutely loved Muriel.

Many thanks to FriesenPress and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.