Summer (Vintage Minis)

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Title: Summer (Vintage Minis)

Writer: Laurie Lee

Publishing House: Vintage Classics

Date of Publication: June 8th 2017

Rating: 5 stars

Τhe haunting…

‘’Radiating from that house, with its crumbling walls, its thumps and shadows, its fancied foxes under the floor, I moved along paths that lengthened inch by inch with my mounting strength of days. From stone to stone in the trackless yard I sent forth my acorn shell of senses, moving through unfathomable oceans like a South Sea savage island-hopping across the Pacific. Antennae of eyes and nose and grubbing fingers captured a new tuft of grass, a new fern, a slug, the skull of a bird, a grotto of bright snails. Through the long summer ages of those first few days I enlarged my world and mapped it in my mind, its secure havens, its dust – deserts and puddles, its peaks of dirt and flag-flying bushes. Returning too, dry-throated, over and over again, to its several well-prodded horrors: the bird’s gaping bones in its cage of old sticks; the black flies in the corner, slimy dead; dry rags of snakes; and the crowded, rotting, silent-roaring city of a cat’s grub- captured carcass.’’

‘’What dread power one’s penny purchased – the painted gallows, the nodding priest, the felon with his face of doom. At a touch, they jerked through their ghastly dance, the priest, hangman, and the convict, joined together by rods and each one condemned as it were to perpetual torment. Their ritual motions led to the jerk of the corpse; the figures froze and the lights went out. Another penny restored the lights, brought back life to the cataleptic trip, and dragged the poor felon once more to the gallows to be strangled all over again.’’

And the serene…

‘’Summer, June summer, with the green back on earth and the whole world unlocked and seething – like winter, it came suddenly and one knew it in bed, almost before waking up; with cuckoos and pigeons hollowing the woods since day – light and the chipping of tits in the pear-blossom.’’

‘’Outdoors, one scarcely knew what had happened or remembered any other time. There had never been rain, or frost, or cloud; it had always been like this. The heat from the ground climbed up one’s legs and smote one under the chin. the garden, dizzy with scent and bees, burned all over with hot white flowers, each one so blinding an incandescence  that it hurt the eyes to look at them.’’