The Witches of New York

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Title: The Witches of New York

Writer: Amy McKay

Publishing House: Orion

Date of Publication: October 27th 2016 (first published October 8th 2016)

Rating: 5 stars

‘’New York had become a city of achievements. Wonders and marvels came so frequent and fast, a day without spectacle was cause for concern.’’

‘’Queens have been crowned, schemes hatched, fortunes gained, demons defeated, lovers found – all from visions born in the stillness of the night. In dreams, our souls are given the eyes of Fate. Dreams must be encouraged by all possible means.’’

New York, 1880. A strange autumn has arrived. Eleanor and Adelaide offer their services, helping the residents of Manhattan to remedy their ills, win their lovers’ hearts, and cope with their Fate as best as they could. For they are the Witches of New York, an unlikely and powerful duo. And one day, a young woman named Beatrice arrives at Eleanor’s teashop. Now, there are three witches that must stand up to a man who spreads death on his way, lurking in the alleys of the metropolis…

‘’May you rise with the sun, ready to make hay. May the rains come at night to wash your cares away. May you sleep with the angels sittin’ on your bed. May you be an hour in Heaven a’fore the Devil knows you’re dead.’’

Amy McKay wonderfully captures the opulence of the Gilded Age and the dirt of the alleys in an era when spiritualism was everywhere, the fashionable ‘’hobby’’ for all classes. The wish to communicate with a beloved who has departed, the need to untangle the webs of the future. The three women of our story try to help others, remaining true to themselves and their vocation. Crows to protect the ladies, beloved mothers appear to offer their advice, myths and legends of witches, their strength and determination when everyone was against them. And spirits tell their stories, lost and forgotten within the heart of the growing metropolis.

On a side note, it was so exciting to find out about scrying. I am actually tempted to try it myself.

400+ pages and the story flows like a clear water stream. Excellent Historical Fiction with wonderful touches of Gothic and Magical Realism.

‘’She’d always adored autumn storms – from the quiet that came before the rain when the birds and bugs went silent, to the raucous cracks and grubbles that echoed between the clouds, rife with the possibility of goblins and ghosts. Dancing on the porch of their cottage her mother had often sung an ominous little tune as the first raindrops hit the slate roof, a reminder of the dangers of getting caught in a tempest. Beware the oak, it draws the smoke. Avoid the ash, it prompts the flash. Creep under the thorn, it saves you from harm.’’



  1. Jacqueline Baird says:

    I have read most of your reviews, I think. You are incredible! I want to read everything you have reviewed! The reviews are spot on and so very well written. Yours are the first I read on my email. Keep it up, please! Wish I lived next door to you, but you would get sick of me. . .

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    1. Thank you so much, Jacqueline!!!


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