Secret Britain

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Title: Secret Britain

Writer: Mary-Ann Ochota

Publishing House: Frances Lincoln

Date of Publication: September 29th 2020

Rated: 5 stars

‘’Every step you take in Britain treads on the past. A street now filled with shops and houses might once have been a royal palace. An anonymous farmer’s field glimpsed from a car window might have been borne witness to the last gasps of a bloody battle, an event so terrible the people swore it could never be forgotten. An eroded mound under a stand of trees might have been the holy of holies, a sacred place worth travelling weeks to reach, for generations of ancient people.

Cirencester Mother Goddesses, Gloucestershire

  In the landscape and in overlooked museum cabinets, archaeological treasures of profound complexity wait to be noticed. When you stop and look, magic happens.’’

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

This book is an exciting journey to the mysteries of the past. Through breathtaking photos and vivid descriptions, we enter the realm of mystery in an ancient, mystical land. Pictish stones with inscriptions that have never been deciphered, the peculiar energy and dark past of Glastonbury Tor, the Green Man and his strange relatives. The creepy hooded figures on Hadrian’s Wall, the provocative Sheela Na Gig a.k.a the Naked Lady in A Church, the Cerne Abbas Giant, the cult of the Mother Goddesses that was lost into oblivion and so much more.

Kalpack Sheela Na Gig, Herefordshire

Hooded Spirits on Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Walk in the ruins of the people of a very distant past. Stand on coronation stones. Marvel at beautiful jewellery and tales of power and decadence. Feel the haunting energy of Dartmoor, dance with witches and lost deities. For the past is never far away and this book is the finest time machine.

Many thanks to Frances Lincoln and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Aberlemno Pictish Stones, Angus


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