In the Dark


Title: In The Dark

Writer: Lisa Deresti Betik, illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Publishing House:Kids Can Press

Date of Publication: September 1st 2020

Rating: 5 stars

‘’In the evenings, as the sky grows dark, living creatures of all different shapes and sizes prepare themselves for sleep. You might enjoy a bedtime snack, put on a favourite pair of pyjamas, brush your teeth and settle into bed to read by the light of a softly glowing lamp. Before long, your eyes are closed and you’re drifting off to dreamland. Have you ever wondered, though, what might be happening while you’re asleep?’’

A beautiful, informative guide. A journey to the fascinating world of darkness. An exciting trip into the night and its enticing secrets. The enigma of sleep and the land of dreams. The life of nocturnal species, from the nightly walks of the cats to the wonder that takes place in the deep waters. The mind-blowing way in which owls perceive sound, the immense danger of light pollution, the extraordinary calculations of the plants during the night, the beauty and serenity of moon gardens, the awe we experience when we turn our eyes into the night sky with the flickering stars, the beautiful moon, and (if we are utterly fortunate…) the auroras. The particular challenges of the midnight sun and the difficulties that come with the polar nights.

Beautiful illustrations and a handy Glossary complete a reading experience that should grace every child’s bookcase.

‘’Up in the night sky, objects in our solar system spin, orbit, stream and fall, creating or reflecting light that shines toward us.

 The night still holds many mysteries about the wild and wonderful things that happen while we sleep. Maybe that’s something you can dream about.’’

Many thanks to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.