Sense and Sensibility

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Title: Sense and Sensibility

Writer: Jane Austen

Publishing House: Penguin Clothbound Classics

Date of Publication: November 6th 2008 (first published October 30th 1811)

Rating: 5 stars

“I have not wanted syllables where actions have spoken so plainly.” 

Jane Austen’s first published novel is loved, widely loved. Yet, in the absence of a dashing figure like Darcy, it is a tiny fraction less adored than Pride and Prejudice. Let’s face it, we are a little superficial at heart, it’s natural, understandable and unavoidable. But for me, the power of Sense and Sensibility lies in the wonderful duality and antithesis that characterizes the work of our beloved Jane Austen, an antithesis that is found in the characters and the themes of her marvelous stories.

The unbreakable and intense relationship between sensibility, emotion, sympathy and passion, sense, wisdom, clear thinking and moderation. Enthusiastic love and the hurtful decision to suppress your pain for the sake of your family. Two sisters, two worlds. So different, so alike. The beautiful, serene and yet tumultuous universe of Jane Austen.

P.S. Skip the awful 1995 film adaptation, indulge in the beautiful 2008 BBC version.

*An Australian critic called Sense and Sensibility ‘’frivolous’’. Why is there so much stupidity in this world and what can we do about it?*

“The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. I require so much!”

“Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.”


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  1. This is a book I have yet to read. I must fix that this year. Terrific review, Amalia!

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