The Mermaid and the Shoe


Title: The Mermaid and the Shoe

Writer: K.G.Campbell

Publishing House: Kids Can Press

Date of Publication: April 1st 2014

Rating: 5 stars

“Stop asking useless questions,” Calypso replied, “and be remarkable. Like the rest of us.”

The Mermaid and the Shoe by K.G. Campbell

But Minnow doesn’t want to be “remarkable” like her forty – nine sisters, Neptune’s daughters. She doesn’t care for beautiful gardens, and fish training and songs for the silvery moonlight. Minnow wants to know. She wants to know why crabs don’t have fins, where bubbles go, what lies beyond her father’s kingdom. Until one day, when a pretty red shoe with pretty ribbons and pretty heels comes her way. And she sets off to discover the story of the shoe.

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Minnow discovers the world of the humans, with the lighthouses, the different kinds of shoes, the children. She finds the answers to her questions and makes her father proud and his court curious to know. Because we all come to know the answers. All we have to do is ask the questions.

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A story of exploration and staying true to yourself, ignoring the stupid Calypsoes of the world, beautifully written and illustrated by K. G.Campbell.