Cards On The Table

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Title: Cards on the Table

Writer: Agatha Christie

Publishing House: William Morrow Paperbacks

Date of Publication: December 15th 2003 (first published November 2nd 1936)

Rating: 5 stars

“He played the part of the devil too successfully. But he was not the devil. Au fond, he was a stupid man. And so – he died.”

“Because he was stupid?”

“It is the sin that is never forgiven and always punished, madame.”

A flamboyant, mysterious host who goes by the impressive name of ‘’Mr. Shaitana’’ invites eight guests. Four sleuths and four people who are possibly capable of murder. Following a rather exciting game of bridge, Mr Shaitana is found dead. Now, each one of our sleuths has to investigate and try to connect the dots, leading to motive and the perpetrator. 

Memory, sins of the past, dangerous secrets, and an impressive pile of the finest stockings compose one of the most elaborate and exciting mysteries of Queen Agatha. This is the introduction of Ariadne Oliver, the most impressive, sassy and downright glorious sidekick of our beloved Belgian genius.

“Life is a difficult business,” said Mrs. Lorrimer. “You’ll know that when you come to my age. It needs infinite courage and a lot of endurance. And in the end one wonders: ‘Was it worthwhile?”


  1. Diana says:

    The last quote is gold. It is one of my favourite stories of Agatha Christie – maybe because nearly all the action is in one room (cosy!) and there is an element of the exotic. I am glad you liked it.

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