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Title: Hauntings

Writer: Edited by Time – Life Books

Publishing House: Time – Life Books

Date of Publication:  January 1st 1989

Rating: 5 stars

What is a ghost? A tormented soul that has left unfinished business on the world of the living? A soul who cannot find rest because of great wrath, pain, and a deep desire for vengeance? A soul that was wronged and now seeks justice, crying for help? Or is it the reflection of a moment from a dreary past? A supernatural ‘’videotape’’ that has a mind of its own and decides to become visible to the eyes of the living?

Whatever the answer may be, ghosts will never cease to fascinate and entice us to discover the truth.

And good luck with that…

Written in simple, yet not simplistic language, full of vivid descriptions and observations, this book is an absolute must-read both for the connoisseurs of the subject and the ones who want to familiarize themselves with arguably, the most perplexing and fascinating problem in the history of mankind. 

The wonderfully mysterious Moberly – Jourdain experiences in the Petit Trianon in Versailles, the legendary Bell Witch events in Tennessee, the mythical apparitions of the Scottish castles, the story of Elke Sommer’s house in Beverly Hills, ghost photos and the West End hauntings, the incidents in Ardachie Lodge in Glasgow, a haunted radio station in Virginia, the Cock Lane ghost, the eerily cruel events in Borley Rectory, ghost ships and cursed sailors, tormented nuns and monks, victims of Henry VIII’s evil scheme of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Faces of Bélmez, the Ash Manor ghost, the mysterious Winchester House, stories of the present and the past wonderfully narrated and combines with scientific results for a truly informative experience.

Don’t read it before you go to sleep…


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    Sounds really fascinating!

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    1. Oh, it is! And spooky to the core 🙂

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