Tales of the Peculiar

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Title: Tales of the Peculiar

Writer: Ransom Riggs

Publishing House: Dutton Books

Date of Publication:September 3rd 2016

Rating: 5 stars

A marvellous addition to the wonderful universe of the Peculiar Children and their surroundings, created by Ransom Riggs and every bit as interesting and special as Miss Peregrine’s Series. No. It’s even better. You won’t find our familiar Peculiars in this collection, what we see is their ancestors’ struggle to cope with their talents and with the cruel ways society used to ostracize them. Our guide back in time is our beloved Millard…

”The Splendid Cannibals” : Cannibals are creepy and nightmarish. Sometimes ”ordinary” humans are even worse.

”The Fork-Tongued Princess” : One of my favourite stories in the collection. Here, we have a princess with a special kind of beauty, unwilling to let men dictate her life. It reminded me of a well-known Russian fairy tale.

”The First Ymbryne” : A beautiful story about the First Ymbryne that created the very first timeloop. Set in Medieval England.

”The Woman Who Befriended Ghosts” : Such a funny, bittersweet story this one! Many times the substantial and insubstantial world can be equally harsh and frustrating.

”Cocobolo” : Fascinating Peculiars in ancient China, during the reign of Kublai Khan.

”The Pigeons of Saint Paul’s” : I bow down to the genius that is Ransom Riggs in this story. Also, mental note: Raise head and say ”hello” to the feathery friends next time I visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

”The Girl Who Could Tame Nightmares” : A dark, ominous story. Is every gift – peculiar or not- a blessing or a curse? A coin of two faces? This is my favourite story in the collection.

”The Locust” : It doesn’t matter how kind you are. People will always be cruel enough to keep on hurting those who are tender and gentle. People will always view kindness as weakness…

”The Boy Who Could Hold Back The Sea” : An atmospheric tale of the sea, coming from Ireland.

”The Tale of Cuthbert” : A tale of old, mixing echoes of Oscar Wilde and the myth of the giants made of stone from Yorkshire.

It’s not necessary to have read the Trilogy of the Peculiar Children to enjoy this collection. I’m sure the tales are interesting enough to lure you all by themselves. Still, those who are already familiar with the World of the Peculiars will appreciate them even more. This magnificent universe is a never-ending source of great stories and beautiful themes. Enjoy!