The Mysterious Librarian


Title: The Mysterious Librarian (original title: La mystérieuse bibliothécaire)

Writer: Dominique Demers (translated by Sander Berg)

Publishing House: Alma Books

Date of Publication: June 6th 2017  (first published October 9th 1997)

Rating: 5 stars

’’- You should know, miss, money isn’t found in the street. We have two bridges to rebuild, and three roads to fix, and twelve pavements to mend!,’’ he growled and walked away.

Miss Charlotte was dumbfounded. Bridges, roads, pavements…What about books? Aren’t they useful, important, necessary?’’

In a town where everything is neat and proper, and orderly, a whirlwind arrives. A whirlwind dressed in black, mysterious as the witches in fairy tales. An elderly woman, named Charlotte, takes the position of the librarian and changes everything. First and foremost, she is swallowed by every book she reads.

Literally. Miss Charlotte breathes and lives through books. She loves horror stories, and Bluebeard and falls in love with the Beast (yes, THAT Beast…) She wonders whether Cinderella received as many letters as the Queen, she phones the police to make sure that Bluebeard has been arrested and imprisoned.

And the children of the town experience a new world. The most magical world there is. They learn that there are books that make you dream, and laugh, and cry. Books that scare you to death, books that make you a better person. No matter what the thugs of the school may say, the children who find shelter in Charlotte’s library know that ‘’when you have a book you are never alone.’’

‘’She imagined beautiful books, books that make you laugh and cry, and tremble and dance, and travel. Books that tickle your mind, caress your heart, and electrify your spirit.’’