Christmas At Thompson Hall & Other Christmas Stories


Title:Christmas at Thompson Hall and Other Christmas Stories

Writer: Anthony Trollope

Publishing House:Penguin Classics

Date of Publication:November 6th 2014 (first published 1882)

Rating: 5 stars

”Yes, I want you to love me, and to be my wife. I don’t know how to tell you; but I love you better than anything and everything in the world- better than all the world put together. I have done so from the first moment that I saw you; I have.”

Excuse me but Maurice managed to convince even me…

From Charles Dickens to Anthony Trollope, one more pillar of British Literature. A master of social satire, his novels present an array of memorable characters, faithful portraits of the social classes and accurate studies of the mysterious ways in which love chooses to work. His stories and novels are rich in feelings and troubled couples that try to overcome themselves to find a balance. This lovely collection is comprised of five stories set during Christmas and centered around love troubles. And troubles, in general…

Christmas At Thompson Hall: One of the most well-known stories by Trollope. A delightful (and infuriating) tale of a married couple that tries to travel from France to England. The only problem apart from the heavy snow is the serious case of having a hypochondriac husband. And let’s face it. I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t believe that Death will come for him once he falls victim to the common cold. I mean, don’t start me on that…Misunderstandings, mistrust, social decorum and an extremely resilient wife are the ingredients of this wonderful Christmas classic.

Christmas Day At Kirkby Cottage: Now, my friends certainly know that Romance and I are sworn enemies. BUT. I cannot say ”no” to troubled, misunderstood and occasionally tormented affairs. This story, set in a very picturesque country estate, centers around a confused young lady and an even more confused young man. It reminded me of Pride and Prejudice and there is country folklore as well so go read it now!

The Mistletoe Bough: One more young couple that tries to decide what to do when faced with their imaginary perceptions of what ”marriage” means. A tale that is charming and poignant in its simplicity, slightly echoing Austen’s Persuasion.

The Two Generals: A story of brotherly confrontation, of politics and love, set during the Civil War in the USA.

Not If I Know It: Two intelligent young wives try to settle the ridiculous dispute between their husbands.

Five stories of love and trouble, of remarkable heroines, quintessentially Victorian young men and the aura of Christmas Past. Part of a special collection of beautiful hardbacks dedicated to six Christmas classics.

”But I do not think that a woman should be the ivy, to take the direction of every branch of the tree to which she clings, If she does so, what can be her own character?”




  1. Sounds lovely – I need to read this! Plus the books are gorgeous (I have the Gogol!)

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    1. They are! One more lovely collection by Penguin. Happy New Year, full of health and happiness and beautiful books!

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