Home In The Woods

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Title: Home In The Woods

Writer: Written and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

Publishing House: Nancy Paulsen Books

Date of Publication:October 1st 2019

Rating:5 stars

‘’Snow falls in a blanket of diamonds all around the shack. The jack pines sway above as we fall asleep close together. But Mum stays awake into the night, whispering to the stars…’’


Wisconsin, 1932. Little Marvel’s family has been struck by the devastating effects of the Great Depression. Their house is lost but most importantly, the father of the family has gone to live with the angels…Now, Mum and her eight children must create a household in an almost run-down shack in the woods. The children support each other through hard work and invent new games, inspired by the nearby town and Nature. And soon enough, their little house becomes a true home, full of life and hope and togetherness. The shadows are chased away, frightened by the bravery of Marvel’s Mum and the determination of a family that lost everything.



This beautiful book is based on the life of Wheeler’s grandmother, Marvel, whose family made the difficult decision to leave their life behind and start anew in the most unlikely of places. The story of Marvel, her siblings, and her Mum comes alive through marvelous illustrations that reminded me of old-school children’s books. The feelings of the characters and the ever-changing, ever-beautiful Nature are vividly depicted and you’ll feel your heart full of hope, witnessing the courage of Marvel’s family. 


An outstanding book about overcoming the obstacles when you stay true to yourself and the love of your family.

Many thanks to Nancy Paulsen Books and Edelweiss for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.