Verbal Abuse and Social Media Vol.2

First of all, meet my favourite guy. Not that the mob that liked to harass me would know who he is or the film or anything related to Sumerian mythology or anything related to any matter apart from their political agenda but let’s just pretend…

Σχετική εικόνα


I have deleted every tweet related to the incident since my message became clear. I have better things to do than justifying myself to 4 (what a crowd…) vultures. I was informed the incident will be thoroughly investigated and I have decided not to read a similar book ever again. If those people cannot stomach negative reviews and opinions different to their own, then I am sorry but I will be here for a long,  long time. Deal with it!


Just in case someone calls you ”garbage”, ”ignorant”, ”uneducated”, ”do a Google research and die” and all -around violate the rules about emails, social media because you don’t agree with their strange notion of the world and the ability to understand language.

EDIT No 2.: I was asked by Quercus to read and review Gods of Jade and Shadow, due to ”the wide variety and diversity of your reading choices and your attitude towards human rights.”

…How could that be? I am a ”racist and a white privileged, uneducated whore”, according to the immortal words of a New England reporter who goes by the name of Kevin Smith.  Please, illiterate minions, pass this information over to your idol…

Some of you really need to get your shit together. The term ”exotic” is an actual literary term to refer to a certain era and style. It is not racist. Today, for the first time in my 34 miserable years of existence on this planet, I was called ”racist”. Me. A racist.

You read that correctly. For a term that is used by the editor of the anthology in question who is an Asian. I mean, simple movements are required here. Grab a book, open it. Try to read it (if that is possible) and learn the definition of racism. Which makes me think that ”racism” and ”harassment” are two terms that have been really, really cheapened in the age of Twitter protests and selective political correctness. Get a life!

P.S.Nice way to start my Saturday.

”…she opened a window to a world that was exotic, mysterious, a land of fairytale to my young mind. ”

…if this sentence can be considered ”racist”, then you need to check your education level and your perception of reality, language and figures of speech…In short, you need to return to school.

I wonder how the person who verbally abused me didn’t see this sentence:

”In my opinion, the weakest moments in the collection were the stories based on the Hindu traditions. I felt the writers were highly disrespectful towards them.”

I suppose this didn’t promote her agenda…


  1. How ridiculous. I can’t see anything even faintly ‘racist’ in that sentence. It’s a dreadful word to throw around indiscriminately and shouldn’t be used without good cause.

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    1. Exactly. The word ”exotic” carries strange connotations but those who speak adequate English know the different uses. The last thing I would expect someone to call me is ”racist”….

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  2. You can’t seem to go five minutes in this social media in the world we live in without being called something ….. a racist seems to be the most “popular” term.

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    1. I understand that the times are strange but if someone wishes to call names the least they can do is support their claims with proof. I am seriously disgusted today…

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  3. That’s ridiculous. What wrong that person saw in that sentence! There’s nothing wrong. It’s easy to disrespect others than accept things rightly.

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    1. I don’t know, Yesha, I really don’t. I’ve done my Goodreads research and every single one of her reviews is a libel towards any book she has deemed as ”racist”. And we’re talking masterpieces of Literature. I have reported every single of her tweets, along with her tweets of her friends that were the epitome of verbal harassment. I suppose Twitter will take action now but it’s so, so sad…

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  4. TO THE USER WHO SENT ME A HARASSING REPLY FULL OF PROFANITIES AND SPELLING MISTAKES (because you can’t even write properly) asking me to get ”fucking educated”. You bloody idiot, your name and e-mails have been handed over to the Cyber Crime Division of my country. In other words, you’re ”fucked”. Good luck with following your idol.


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