Book Love


Title: Book Love

Writer: Debbie Tung

Publishing House: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Date of Publication: January 1st 2019

Rating: 5 stars

This lovely little treasure by Debbie Tung contains all those moments that make us readers such a wonderful, lively, thoughtful and sometimes excruciating (for the ones around us) beautifully obsessed bunch of people.

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For all those moments when we brought a book to the cinema…

Once I did that. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy the film (I don’t enjoy most films…) but I didn’t want to ”break” the fellowship. Truth is I managed to read quite a few pages under the light of the silver screen, minding my own business. And then I had a vicious headache that lasted three days…

For all of us who never succeed in buying only ONE book…

There was a single time when I entered a bookshop and bought a single, lonely book. Said bookshop was in a rural area and the selection was quite limited. I guess it doesn’t count as an achievement…

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για book love debbie tung

For all those lovely books that are currently resting on a TBR shelf, trying to lure us. On a daily basis.

For the ordeal some of us have put ourselves into trying to find the perfect angle and light to take a splendid, artistic, quality photo of THAT book with THE gorgeous cover. Because coffee mugs, chocolates, and feet are… nope! There, I’ve said it. I hate them!

For all the times we have embarrassed ourselves, torturing our necks, trying to take a peek of the book someone’s reading while commuting.

For viciously hating movie and TV tie-ins. Okay, that’s highly subjective but I admit I can’t stand them…

For all the Bookworm Fears when the horror is real!

For all the repercussions of getting obsessed with a book. When we want to shout it aloud to reach every person on this planet, getting sliiightly irritated (okay, A LOT irritated) when someone we love doesn’t like it that much….

For all those difficult days when books become our sole escape from a bleak reality. A shelter, a comfort, a source of warmth and security. A friend that provides knowledge, confidence, determination.

This is a real gem for every book lover…

Many thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

*All illustrations by Debbie Tung *




  1. This looks great. I have to go to Barnes and Noble today and I first need to check my bank balance ! 🙂

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    1. He, he! I definitely know what you mean. Marialyce!!😉😉


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