One Day in December


Title: One Day in December

Writer: Shari Low

Publishing House: Aria

Date of Publication: September 1st 2017

Rating: 2 stars

Glasgow, December, Christmas is approaching. Course of the action, a single day when four very different people decide to fulfill their resolutions.

Caro is a teacher in a primary school and I couldn’t help but liking her immediately, after reading her thoughts on the upcoming Christmas holidays and the children’s excitement. She wants to discover the truth about her father’s escapades, his “secret” life. Cammy is planning a wedding proposal to an utterly unsuitable woman.Bernadette, married to a despicable man, finally decides to wave him goodbye. Lila ,the second despicable person in the novel having an affair with the aforementioned one. Too much of the stereotype of the idiotic, manipulative, sex-crazed blonde. She was the big minus of the novel, lowered the quality and potential of the story. I’ve got absolutely zero patience for flighty, dumb people who rule amidst the social media frenzy and I hardly read her chapters.

I went into this believing that it would be a contemporary novel, dealing with family issues, insecurities and themes. What I discovered was a melodramatic mixture of questionable quality. I’m sure many readers will be satisfied by this novel. Speaking strictly for myself, the various issues of romantic nature, the family drama coming straight out of a soap opera, the stereotypical characters and the poor quality dialogue do not consist an interesting read. I managed to finish it due to my sympathy for Caro and the glimpses of actual good writing that were very few and far between.

This is a case where the book may be good but the reader is wrong. And I should know better and avoid it. Feel free to try it and form your opinion. However, the family drama and paperback romance have never called my name and this continues to be the case….

Many thanks to Aria and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange of an honest review.