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October reading Vol.2 or the trully scary parts…

IMG_20171003_015254_104.jpg  And now, the time has come to talk about the whole point of adoring October. Getting scared! I don’t know about you, but there are few things I enjoy more than reading a book that makes me want to turn on all the lights in my house or watching a movie behind a pillow because I know what’s coming next and I refuse to face it. This is my personal dream-team of scary books that scream to keep you company in your Halloween reading. I am certain that many of the books I’m currently reading will find a place in next year’s list but until then….

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  1. ”Welcome to Dead House” by R.L.Stine. Part of our beloved series ”Goosebumps”, this is the book that initiated me into the ”I love getting frightened” club. My grandma bought it as a gift when I was eleven (because my family is weirder than me…) and I was hooked. To this day, after 21 years, I get goosebumps (no pun intended…) every time I read it. It is so atmospheric and creepy and delightfully Gothic.
  2. ”Le Pacte Des Loups” by Pierre Pelot. You may have watched the film ”The Brotherhood of the Wolves”, one of the finest Historical Gothic Fiction ever created. If not, what are you doing with your free time? Find it and watch it and thank me later. This is a novelization as fine as the film itself.
  3. ”Seven Gothic Tales” by Isak Dinesen. This collection of seven novellas is atmospheric, nostalgic and some of the stories are creepy in a weird, sensual way.
  4. ”Don’t Look Now” by Daphne Du Maurier. The finest thing about this novella is the fact that you can’t exactly pin-point what it is that makes you feel so uncomfortable. Naturally, the tale of a young couple whose daughter has died is as tragic as it gets. However, the impact of Venice during the night, the otherworldly girl dressed in a read coat and the blind sister is more than powerful.
  5. ”The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty. This one needs no recommendations. I’d only say that the book is even scarier than the film which may seem a bit dated but still remains a masterpiece compared to the garbage that is produced nowadays.
  6. ”The Woman In Black” by Susan Hill. Outstanding novella, outstanding play, outstanding film version.
  7. ”The Omen” by David Seltzer. Now, ”The Omen” is my all-time favourite Horror film (and the fact that I love Gregory Peck has nothing to do with it, no sir…) The book is very good, but it contains certain significant differences that are not successful, in my opinion. So, watch the film and read the book to compare.
  8. ”The Motion of Puppets” by Keith Donohue. This one isn’t scary, but it is unnerving, unsettling and contains some of the most beautiful descriptions of nightly Canada.

Now, tell me which are your favourite Horror books and the films you enjoy watching at this time of year? Let’s all be frightened together:)

‘Till next time!


(image source: https://autumnfallyear.tumblr.com)